Utility Billing

Speed up the Meter-to-Cash process
Modern integrations with complex operations have redefined the role of Customer Information System (CIS) that brings the need for an effective utility billing system to manage the billing process, collect data, and engage better with customers

Challenges in the Industry

Centralizing Data

Gives a clear picture of cost, usage, and control to manage every utility bill.

High Cost

Save costs by detecting unnecessary errors and avoiding late fees with real-time information.

Human Error

Manual utility bill is error-prone, slow, and resource intensive.

Manage All Your Utility Services

Our IoT Device Management brings the solution to manage the billing process and transforms batch processes into real-time operations while keeping track of operational performance and the whole billing process under control. With the Utility billing feature of IoT Device Management, businesses can accurately bill their customers based on the usage of their IoT devices and track their performance in real-time that speed up the meter-to-cash process.

The utility billing solution provides businesses with a complete view of their billing operations, including customer billing information, usage data, performance metrics, and many more. This allows businesses to make informed decisions about their billing operations and ensure that they are operating efficiently.

Key Features

Automated billing
Mobile-Based Meter Reading
Maintenance integration
Real-time billing
24/7 facility

We bring you

Omnichannel Customer Interaction

Integrate all channels like SMS, email, phone, and live chat that enable communications through the channels the customer prefers.

Multi-Tenant Platform

Automate the import of billing, and meter reads while creating sophisticated methods for allocating costs to the individual, cost centers, or tenants.

Customer Relationship Management

Provides a unified and personalized customer management.


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