Public Information System

Fully-digital Information display System 

Fully-digital displaying service platform The Public Information System provides customized solutions in the transit system. It enables passengers to be highly informed and make more organized use of transportation networks that improves traffic quality.

CSPs facing Challenges

Operational control

With the traffic congestion, the operations of control managers have become complex while planning timetables, monitoring, and detecting issues.

High cost

The cost of maintaining data analytics and operations poses a financial barrier. Faults need to be detected that need more spending on technical expertise.


Poses the highest risk of security because of the lack of integrated approaches.

Echelon Edge provides a complete cloud-based software solution for smart city public transit information displays.

Our PIS solution is designed to provide centralized management, real-time analysis, multi-lingual support, and accurate service updates.

Key Capabilities

Real-time analysis

Our solution gives greater control to the passengers over their travel time by providing real-time information.

Extra revenue generation

Generate revenue from our PIS solution via advertisements. Engage passengers with infotainments.


Offers two-factor authentication while restricting the same users from multiple logins.

Use Cases


Our Flight Information Display System (FIDS) is the overall wayfinding solution that provides automated control to airport management. It controls, distributes, and displays critical information in real time.

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Public places are always the busiest ones like bus stands. It’s often quite inconvenient for the passengers to figure out the required information regarding arrival and departure. Our Public Information Displays (PIDs) allow an organized and consistent relay of information with full centralized operational control.

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