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No doubt for an organization to run successfully advanced devices are required to be installed and businesses do want to know how they are doing. But more than that it’s important for them to know that the devices keep performing well.

Challenges in the industry

Hardware Availability

As the fleet grows, it gets difficult for businesses to onboard tens or hundreds of hardware components.


Total cost of ownership for IoT Projects poses a significant financial barrier to entry. Internal capabilities are to be built that need spending more on technical expertise.

Talent & Knowledge Development

IoT is complex due to the various technical disciplines attached to it. To bring the right people on board to join the disparate entities is in itself costly for businesses.

Swiftly organize your IoT environment

Echelon Edge provides a centralized and unified solution for managing the entire lifecycle of IoT devices and sensors available in a network. Our IoT Device Management is the right solution to effectively monitor and control its essential IoT devices and get insights on IoT data that helps in decision making & strategy development.

It has been designed to plan, onboard, monitor, and even retire the IoT devices involved to enhance efficiency, security, and cost-effectiveness.

The firmware management feature allows the update and maintenance of device software to ensure optimal performance. The monitoring and reporting feature provides real-time insights into device status and performance, while the device retirement feature enables the safe and secure removal of devices from the network.

Key Capabilities

Bulk Device Onboarding

Our IoT device management solution enables bulk device onboarding remotely using network key and identification credentials.

Simplified single view

Comes with dashboards that extract data in one place so that you can have a single pane view of all the devices.

Stringent Security

Our solution is equipped with detailed device logs to detect instances of unauthorized access.

Use Cases

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