Global IoT security market size (2020 to 2025)

The world is on the edge of an explosion of IoT services as more and more industries are integrating these devices into their businesses, which means more potential gateways for hackers to penetrate for their malicious purposes. Thus, concern about the security of IoT networks become more widespread.

Global IOT Security

Secure Your IoT Network

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining popularity, with more and more industries integrating IoT devices into their businesses to improve efficiency and productivity. However, as the number of IoT devices grows, so does the potential for cyberattacks. 

Security concerns surrounding IoT networks have become more widespread as businesses seek to protect themselves from malicious attacks. This has led to an increased focus on IoT security and a corresponding increase in the IoT security market size. 

At Echelon Edge, we offer a centralized and unified solution that manages the entire lifecycle of IoT devices and sensors available on a network. Our IoT Device Management solution is designed to effectively monitor and control essential IoT devices, providing insights on IoT data that can aid in decision-making and strategy development. 

The below infographic shows the global IoT security market size that is expected to grow significantly as businesses continue to invest in security solutions to protect their IoT networks.


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